max speed of eagle swooping down ??????

P.H.Groepper pgroeppe at
Thu Feb 27 16:59:33 EST 1997

I'm sorry, if this question is posted to an inappropriate newsgroup, but 
I didn't find any better.

Last year, when visiting an "Eagle park" in Germany (Hellenthal/Eifel), 
where lots of different birds of prey can be seen, also in action, the 
master of the park explained, that an eagle could reach a speed of up to 
90 m/s (320 km/h), when swooping down. This speed, which is similar to a 
formula 1 car at max speed, sounds a bit exaggerated to me, but of 
course, I have no idea of what is 'true'.

Is there somebody, who could confirm this figure or give me any other 

thanks and regards, Peter

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