Essential Oil vs. penicillin

Cordell Vail cordellv at
Thu Feb 27 13:47:25 EST 1997

Dr. Sue Zhao has been conducting research at the Weber State University in Ogden Utah on Essential Oils vs penicillin and
Ampicillin.  It is showing that 1 drop of essential oil is like 10 units of penicillin before it starts to work.  Plus the
essential oils keep on benefiting the body when the drugs stop.  Only 100% pure therapeutic essential oil has all the
properties to work on viruses.  Esential Oils are anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-septic.

For more information about all the oils available from Young Living Essential Oils, and for a free informative tape
about the oils, please contact Chris Anderson at 1 800 469 1089.  You owe it to yourself to
at least find out why the oils work.  Don't you?

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