DBCAT, The Infobiogen catalog of data banks

Claude Discala discala at lovelace.infobiogen.fr
Fri Feb 28 04:31:59 EST 1997

INFOBIOGEN announces the annual update of the "DBCAT", the public catalog of
the data banks for the genetics and molecular biology.

In this field how much data banks are available on Internet ?
500, 1000, more? To tell the truth, we don't know ...

The DBCAT contains :

        - more than 300 original descriptions, from at least 23 countries

        -  more than 43 organisms
        -  40 databanks about human
        -  24 databanks about mutations
        -   7 databanks about drosophila
        -   8 databanks about Escherichia Coli
        -  17 databanks about Chromosomes
        -  20 different genomes (organelle, Saccharomyces, Arabidopsis,
           rat, mouse, rice, human...)

46% of the databases have already been checked by the authors/curators.

If your favorite data bank does not appear in the DBCAT,
please fill the form :


To freely access the DBCAT:


Send your updates or comments to :

                mninnin at infobiogen.fr
		discala at infobiogen.fr

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