Are Sperm a Living Creature?

David Moss david.moss at
Fri Jan 3 04:11:08 EST 1997

Joanne E Best <de440 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA> wrote
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> no, they don't reproduce or feed or react to stimuli

They don't feed, but they do react to stimuli. I think they reproduce as
well, since they
form a part of a life cycle that leads to more of the same. You could
define reproduction
in such a way that this production of more sperm doesn't count, but I think
any such
definition would lead to the conclusion that male humans don't reproduce
and thus are
not living creatures!
I believe the discussion underlines the fact that "living creature" is a
concept that
humans have invented, and thus causes problems when you explore borderline 
cases like sperm, viruses or single surviving cells in a dead individual.

David Moss

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