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On 4 Jan 1997, Dr. Michael T. MacDonell wrote:

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> >
> >Dear Mike,
> >
> >Terribly sorry for my humble suggestion but it does 
> >not appear for me as particularly high class to call
> >a person an "asshole" for saying something disagreable.
> >
> >Especially, if (as it seems) the person is a lady
> >("Jayne" sounds a female name for me, apologies if I am
> >wrong, Jayne !). Beside it a possiblity that "Jayne" was 
> >just kidding !
> >
> >And if you are "A REAL publiched author" can you
> >provide some references to your book(s), I'd like
> >to look it up to perhaps enrich my vocabulary.
> >
> >Many thanks - Alex Berezin
> Dear Alex:
> Now that you've got that off your chest, wise up!
> That was posted by a troll.  It is little different from the phone sex
> posts that show up here (and everywhere else) from time to time.
> If I have offended you, you have my apologies. As for my publications,
> look them up if you are interested. Try the Science Citation Index. 
> Since your intention was to be facetious, save yourself the bother. 
> There are about 55 of them and it is unlikely they would interest you.
> I lurk this NG for the same reason as nearly everyone else.  Serious
> discussion on a wide range of topics.  I particularly respect the fact
> that some of the discussion ranges into the "idiot fringe".  No idea is
> without utterly without merit, even if it only serves as a bad example.
> Possibly you could come up with a more suitable term than my admittedly
> vulger "asshole" epithet.  I will consider everything up to, but not
> including, what Jayne suggested:  Stop talking.
> As for your comments, either you are one of the last remaining
> gentlemen in existence, or a fool.  

> I hope for the former, but I
> suspect the latter.

I am (hopefully) personally realtively immune against the
titles I am awarded here-and-there (most words from the book
were used). Yet, I am quite curious why you leave me with
just two of the above choices. Any clarifications ? - Alex 

> Regards!
> Mike
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