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Tue Jan 7 18:23:04 EST 1997

> This is not me.  Someone, namely the Woodside "Literary Agency" has
> mailbombed me so that I cannot use my new e-mail account on the
> Internet, he is constantly forging my name on bogus posts such as the
> above and this latest one is using my agent's e-mail address.  Yes, I
> have a real agent, Red Stone Literary Services.  Please do not flame
> me via this e-mail address.  Please send complaints about this forged
> post to IDT at:
> abuse at
>            J.A. Hitchcock
>         International Author

I couldn't help but read the messages in this thread, and I must agree
with Dr. MacDonell.  I have a friend here at UNT with the same problem
as you, and I can see how extremely frustrating it is to have such a
lowlife coward and bastard take over one's email because he doesn't have
the cajones to face the flame when he utters such insipid, worthless

I can't express my sympathies any more eloquently than Dr. MacDonell
already has. I urge anyone who has had these problems to respond
likewise to the above email (abuse at

Maybe it is time for this NG, as well as a number of other BIONET
groups, to be moderated to prevent such weasels from polluting, as Mr.
No-Balls calls it, "THE BANE CONVERSATION HERE."  Oh, and by the way,
the conversation isn't pathetic; you are, whomever you may be.

Any replys?
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"Giving money and power to government is like giving
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