Visa card for grants accounting??

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Sun Jan 5 18:44:52 EST 1997

The Great American Gene Company wrote:

> It is interesting to hear your perspective.
> I can assure you that many vendors will not flip. We are currently
> negotiating with VISA for a credit card account simply because of the
> pressure we are getting from many of the University purchasing
> departments.  Unfortunately, VISA/MASTERCARD will cost us about 5%.
> Guess who ends up paying it?  We will not reduce our employees pay by
> 5%, so the only real alternative is to raise prices to cover the cost
> of the VISA charges. 

Why not add a 5% surcharge for credit card orders? Isn't that what is
commonly done?

> In addition, we have learned that VISA is placing
> a positive prohibition on all electronic transactions.  We have been
> given an affadavit, which we must sign, stating that we will conduct NO
> VISA or MASTERCARD related business by either email or by through the
> web. 

I agree with you that this is astonishingly stupid.
Check this!

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