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At 05:50 PM 1/9/97 GMT, you wrote:

>	What about mycoplasmas?  They are bacterial cells, but many
>of them are obligate intracellular parasites (they _need_ to be inside
>a host cell to reproduce).  Are they alive?
>	Just something to think about...   -Hernan
Dear Hernan:

I would like to hear more details about there an
established field of study? In which hosts are these intracellular parasites
found? How many kinds have been identified? How much is known about them? Do
they have their own DNA? Mitochondria? Chloroplasts? Other? Living systems
are very opportunistic, exploring every potentiality, and it seems possible
that some type of cooperativity [symbiosis?] was involved in the development
of higher levels of organization.

With warm regards,
Ralph Gainey

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