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Frode frofjeld at
Sat Jan 11 09:31:09 EST 1997

(I'm sorry if this message isn't posted in the "correct" newsgroup)

My friend has a three years old son that has been diagnosed with a
tumor behind his little-brain (cerebellum). The surgeons in Norway say
it's too risky to operate on it, and his family are just waiting for
the little boy to die. 
If you know ANY hospital in the world which can handle these cases, or
if you know someone who's gone through the same thing, please email me
as soon as possible. (I cannot read all the newsgroups this message is
posted on, so PLEASE email me privately)

Feel free to forward this message to anyone you think can help.
(Or place it in the "correct" newsgroup)
Thank you,
frofjeld at 

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