Anyone knows ANSEROS(Germany ozone intrument maker)

Goonbo Kim kgb at
Mon Jan 13 05:18:14 EST 1997

Dear everybody,

I am looking for a webpage or e-mail address of ANSEROS.
this company is a Germany maker of ozone-related products(ozone
generator,analyser, etc.). My lab. has purchased one set of ozone
generator and analyser from this company. By the way, I have some
problem with this instrument. I wanna contact this company via internet.
But I have not found any web-related information. 
Is there anyone who know this company's webpage or e-mail address? If
you know it, please mail me. 


Goonbo Kim
lab of tree physiology
Department of Forest Resources
College of Agriculture and Life Science
Seoul National University

kgb at

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