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Tue Jan 14 12:41:32 EST 1997

sesame at MCN.ORG (Ralph Gainey, by way of Ralph Gainey <sesame at>) writes:

Let me reiterate, I am not a mycoplasma expert and now, sadly, I will prove

>(1) if the mycoplasmas parasitize the botanists' cultures?

	I don't know.  However,

	There are plant pathogens that are called MLO's (for mycoplasma
like organisms), but as far as I know there is very little know about
them.  I can't think of a good reason for there not to be, but that is
different from knowing there are.

>(2) is there any indication that the mycoplasmas are light sensitive, or

	I don't know.

>(3) whether the PAL enzyme system (see Achim Recktenwald's post yesterday)
>    exists in the mycoplasmas, 

	I don't know.  The PAL system is all over the place, so I wouldn't
be surprised.  (Achim's post hasn't shown up here yet, so I can't 

>(4) is there any evidence for the presence of cellulose or chitin
>    in the colonies?

	I don't know.

	Whew.  Could I be even less informative?  Are there any real
mycoplasma experts out there who want to take a crack at this?


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