Richard Dawkins and hypocrisy

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Mon Jan 13 20:33:13 EST 1997

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> >Evolution is fact, not theory.  Creationism is belief, not fact.

Then dh201 at wrote: 
> I always thought that both of them are theories.

Right on. Change in species over observable time is a *fact*.

Evolution by natural selection is one explanation of this fact.
Manipulation of species by a creator is another explanation.

Some people believe *both* that there is a creator, *and* that the
creator has allowed evolution by natural selection to proceed. There's
actually room for a lot of overlap between these two ideas - they are by
*no* means mutually exclusive.

Personally, I can understand the evidence for natural selection better
than the evidence for the Christian god - he seems rather arbitrary and
unfathomable... but then, a god *would*, wouldn't he? ;-)

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