Drug use by animals?

ADAMSON JOEL JAMES adamsonj at ucsu.Colorado.EDU
Wed Jan 15 20:38:06 EST 1997

In article <5bjlds$44n at euclid.wadsworth.org>,
William Tivol <tivol at news.wadsworth.org> wrote:
>In both cases, the birds seemed to enjoy both the fermented berries and
>their effects.  They definitely "seek it out"

You can't determine that any better than you can determine the existence
of elves responsible for the building of the Great Barrier Reef.  What I
mean is, you cannot ask the birds why they went to eat the berries.  You
can't say that they "seek it out" because you can't get inside their
heads (nor would you want to, i skinned a robin once...).  There's no
conclusive way to determine, in this case, that they were seeking out
fermented berries, nor is there any way to determine that they "enjoy both
the fermented berries and their effects".  You can't measure enjoyment
(especially in non-humans).

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