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David F Broer dbroer at edison.com
Fri Jan 17 04:04:17 EST 1997



The graphical way to  explore the web!

      The Largest collection of search
          engines on the Internet!

           With over 500 sites in 
               75 categories

(Somers, CT)  Brotech Internet Services’, David F Broer has announced
the launching of a brand new era in Web surfing.  The new service,
which is called Edison!, is a graphical menu system to the Internet.
Its interface is similar to currently popular on-line services, and
has icons representing over 500 of the best sites on the Internet in
75 categories. In addition to connecting to these sites, Edison! also
allows you to search the other sites from the pages of Edison!  There
are also one stop search centers like a reference library, legal
plaza, and the best one stop travel center on the Internet.
     In addition to these offerings, Edison! allows a user to search
multiple sites from one place and save time.  A user will no longer
have to bounce from one page to another looking for the information
the user wants. A user may also discover other sites in the category
they want but may not have known about.  Since only the best sites in
each category is used, the user can be assured of the highest quality.
     Many of the beta testers of the product say they use it every
day. Dan Pfefferle, a Merchandise Manager for a national retailer said
"I use it everyday, it’s really helped me become more productive."
The power of this comes from the way Edison! works.  Lets say you are
looking for a new piece of software; you could type in the addresses
of the companies you know, then go to their search page and do a
search.  Or, you could use a global search engine and browse through
categories of software companies, but here Bill’s Software looks the
same as say Microsoft(r). How do you know where to go?
     With Edison! its simple.  Go to the computing menu and browse
over easy to recognize icon logos that are familiar to you.  If you
wish, select the easy to find "search" next to the icon and you’ll
have that companies' familiar search engine in front of you.  No
waiting for pages to download, just quick and easy access to the
information you want.
     Edison! also contains many one stop solutions to those surfing
for information.  There are numerous job searching utilities,
financial databases (including stock and company information), news
and weather pages (with searchable news databases from several
newspapers, and a point and click map for weather where you want it).
The Edison! service is like an on-line service but its free, only the
cost of an Internet connection. For Corporate users, its the time
saving device that they have been looking for.  For Consumers, its
finally a place where they can get started on the Web.
     The entire Edison! site is commercial free for the first half of
‘97. The entire site is downloadable, and via a quick installation
program can be set up so that everything loads off of a users local
drive instead of the network.
       If you have any questions regarding the new service, please
contact Dave at dbroer at edison.com or visit:


Visit the Internets' only 100% graphical menuing system.
Its also the largest search utility on the Web!! with over 1,500 ways to search
the 'Net.

Please visit Edison! by pointing your browser at http://www.edison.com

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