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Fri Jan 17 09:47:32 EST 1997

mohsin m. syed wrote:
> The following two questions were given to my classmates as preparation
> for a midterm exam...
I went to school before the Internet became popular.  We had our own 
low-tech method for preparing for midterms: studying!

> Besides, they'll be fun just for practice.
Possible retorts:
	1. Fun?  I know winters can be slow, but geez!
	2. If we're good, can we whitewash the fence later, Aunt Polly?
	3. Practice for whom? 

While I've found that questions reflecting genuine interest usually get 
helpful responses, please try not to rely on others for homework.  
Besides possibly violating Usenet manners, you may get incorrect
Worse, you may get great advice and come to rely on others to keep
you out -- not a good way to become a biologist (or anything else). 

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