Richard Dawkins and hypocrisy

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Fri Jan 17 15:17:30 EST 1997

Jim Scanlon wrote:
> In article <32DAE259.1EF7 at>, Susan Jane Hogarth

> > Personally, I can understand the evidence for natural selection better
> > than the evidence for the Christian god - he seems rather arbitrary and
> > unfathomable... but then, a god *would*, wouldn't he? ;-)
> No Susan, it is a common error to confuse "God" with "men". A "God",
> without the need for sexual organs, would be incomprehensible, "men" are
> "arbitrary and unfathomable."

what_ever_; as the tenny-boppers say these days...

Guess I deserve that for jumping into this sort of discussion in the
first place ;-)

I was simply trying not to draw down the wrath of the religious for
using "it" or ruining my typing hand be continuously typing "the

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