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Please rate the following select group of movies on a 1-10 scale.
List The title of the movie first followed by your rating...example
76-7.......76=the number of the movie and 7=your rating.
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Please have anybody else who has seen any of these titles
to also rate them. Thank you very much for your valuable time.

226)Pure Country (George Strait-1995)

227)Baja (Molly Ringwald-1995)

228)The Man With Two Brains (Steve Martin-1983)

229)Get Shorty (John Travolta-1996)

230)Heat (Robert DeNiro-1996)

231)The Rock (Sean Connery-1996)

232)Pontiac Moon (Ted Danson-1995)

233)Blue Thunder (Roy Scheider-1983)

234)Operation Dumbo Drop (Danny Glover-1995)

235)Jaws 4-The Revenge (Michael Caine-1987)

236)Slapshot (Paul Newman-1977)

237)Life With Mickey (Michael J. Fox-1993)

238)Doctor Detroit (Dan Aykroyd-1983)

239)Free Willy (Michael Madson-1993)

240)The Firm (Tom Cruise-1994)

241)Sleepless In Seattle (Meg Ryan-1994)

242)Broken Arrow (John Travolta-1995)

243)Breathless (Richard Gere-1983)

244)Made In America (Ted Danson-1994)

245)Cliffhanger (Sylvester Stalone-1993)

246)Falling Down (Michael Douglas-1993)

247)Staying Alive (John Travolta-1983)

248)Leap Of Faith (Steve Martin-1993)

249)Home Alone (Joe Pesci-1990)

250)Home Alone 2 (Joe Pesci-1992)

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