Evolution Center of Planet Earth. There is.

Alive blk at ONLINE.TMSK.RU
Mon Jan 20 00:17:39 EST 1997

1. There are many various forms of movement (traffic). Some of them  are
called "life".
 Some of  the forms of life  is  life with development, i.e. Evolution.
Top level
 (known)is - -metamorphosis set-up of a brain [mind, consciousness]  for
   real Reality.

2. The people are born with a  certain configuration of a
    brain, as though beforehand intended to:
- Certain types of consciousness
- Certain  types of environment
- Certain  types of life and movement.

3. I was born in an evolution format. Evolution is home-environment
for me. I am evolution. And evolution is me.

4. Many years I was looking for people like me. And Evolution points
and structures  around whole Planet.
I do not find of the stable  forms. There are some flashes  and
fragments, but there are  no sharp  expressed structures with obvious
realized and dominant intention to MAKE  Evolution, to live for
Evolution and
to live in Evolution.

5. Conclusion. I  really need evolution Home- World, and if
it  is not present, then it should be created. Moreover, de-facto the
Centre already exists for years in my person.
About that, exectly, I've wanted to inform World Community.

Thank you.

Name: Alive
Status: Independent Scientist
Structure: Evolution Center of Planet Earth
E-mail: blk at online.tmsk.ru
Aphorism: "Object  is  process"

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