Your posts on Richard Dawkins

A. Caian cam at
Mon Jan 20 11:38:33 EST 1997

Dear All

When I made the original post about Richard Dawkins I had no idea that it
would generate such a large amount of correspondence! I am delighted that
it did. It was not intended to be a vitriolic attack on him, merely a
matter of idle if somewhat gleeful curiousity. However, it was interpreted
by many of you in the former sense, and with the benefit of hindsight, my
post gave that impression. Some of you have doubted that he was there -
believe me, he was; I am surprised that Dr Hebblethwaite did not see him.
Perhaps she will ask her colleagues and confirm on these pages. Alas the
tired old creationism-versus-evolution debate was initiated by some, but
others made interesting points. Someone stated that theology is "cut to
ribbons by Occam's razor"; for a careful exposition of this view is
flawed, see "God Chance and Necessity" by Keith Ward, the highly
scientifically-literate professor of divinity at Oxford. Like Keith Ward I
have a sneaking respect for Richard Dawkins; he is a seeker after truth
like everyone else, and he is utterly uncompromising. If only more
theologians and indeed scientists were the same.

Thanks for all your posts - an interesting diversion, if nothing else!


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