Evolution Center of Planet Earth. There is.

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Mon Jan 20 14:40:34 EST 1997

In <32E2F91C.74EF at online.tmsk.ru> blk at ONLINE.TMSK.RU (Alive) writes: 
>1. There are many various forms of movement (traffic). Some of them 
>called "life".
> Some of  the forms of life  is  life with development, i.e.
>Top level
> (known)is - -metamorphosis set-up of a brain [mind, consciousness] 
>   real Reality.
>2. The people are born with a  certain configuration of a
>    brain, as though beforehand intended to:
>- Certain types of consciousness
>- Certain  types of environment
>- Certain  types of life and movement.
>3. I was born in an evolution format. Evolution is home-environment
>for me. I am evolution. And evolution is me.
>4. Many years I was looking for people like me. And Evolution points
>and structures  around whole Planet.
>I do not find of the stable  forms. There are some flashes  and
>fragments, but there are  no sharp  expressed structures with obvious
>realized and dominant intention to MAKE  Evolution, to live for
>Evolution and
>to live in Evolution.
>5. Conclusion. I  really need evolution Home- World, and if
>it  is not present, then it should be created. Moreover, de-facto the
>Centre already exists for years in my person.
>About that, exectly, I've wanted to inform World Community.
>Thank you.
>Name: Alive
>Status: Independent Scientist
>Structure: Evolution Center of Planet Earth
>E-mail: blk at online.tmsk.ru
>Aphorism: "Object  is  process"

    I would guess that you used way too many drugs in your past!  Are
you an independant scientist through education or by self-title?  If
you learned what you said at a school, I believe you wasted your time
and money.
    This is opinion and reuires no response.

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