Laurie Davison ldavison at
Wed Jan 22 08:51:10 EST 1997

   I was going through some literature on mating behavior and came 
accross a reference to the "parthenogenic whiptail lizard". Apparantly 
the females can lay eggs which will develop without fertilization (all 
offspring, obviously, are female). In some of my earlier courses in 
college I was taught that rabbits have this same potential, but found 
later that this was not true after all. 
   The Whiptail lizard example is in a book published in the mid-eighties 
by Kevles and I wondered if this information were still considered 
accurate, or whether like the rabbit, it was found to be untrue? For that 
matter, can anyone give me any other examples of *known* parthenogenic 
animals? Just curious, really. Thanks:)


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