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Dan Holdsworth drh92 at aber.ac.uk
Fri Jan 24 12:43:22 EST 1997

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:Come on! The Internet is now as accepted a school resource as the public
:library. Credit Etienne with some initiative.

Pardon? Initiative?

Asking a lot of people mindlessly simple questions in the hope of getting
an answer that is even half-credible is initiative?

New word definition there, I see.

:> Most of them also have a
:> sense of humour, so don't be surprised if they pull the odd practical joke
:> on you.
:That is true, but the same is true of the library. Would YOU believe
:everythign you see in print?

No, especially not if you'd written it.

(It's a good point, though, given the amount of irrelevant, daft, and just 
plain wrong stuff that even Nature has published over the years...)

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