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Consider also the massive holes in the plot of the book.

Most animals stay away from electric fences once they've had their noses
fried once or twice. Dinosaurs had reptile-sized brains, and I find it 
hard to credit that they could work out when an electric fence was on or off.

Secondly, using one computer to control ALL park systems shows either an
incredibly stable operating system, or a fool. Most places use local switches
for fencing, etc.

Thirdly, frog DNA to fill out the genome of something closer to a bird than
a frog, phylogenically speaking? I think not; the frog DNA was added only to
allow the dinosaurs to breed, and allow a nice sequel...

In short, most of the plot of Jurassic Park required the creators of the
park to be incredibly stupid and to do foolish things for no readily apparent

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