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********** Biggest Marketing Secret Revealed ******************

********** 2 Million E-Mail Addresses $49.95 *****************

  You are not included in this database you were randomly selected to
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  Don't be fooled by these people telling you that you need
Floodgate or similar programs to send bulk mail-  it's a lie.
Floodgate only extracts the addresses.  That can be VERY time
consuming and costly. They make it sound so easy, and when in reality,
 it's not. We'll put it this way- to even get one million e-mail
addresses with Floodgate, it would take you at least 6 months.
 You may ask yourself, "How can they get so many addresses?"
We have been marketing on the internet for one year now. We generate
all of our databases "In House".   All of these E-mail addresses have
been collected within the past month and a half!
    Have you been looking for the best way to promote your business,
or service, and get results FAST?  We have the answer- BULK E-Mailing!
  There are other SO-CALLED companies that will claim to give
you 2 or 5 MILLION ADDRESSES- and they lie! They will only give
you 2 to 4 HUNDERED THOUSAND!! When you receive them, they're
all scrambled up and half of the addresses aren't even addresses. They
have dates, they are put in many different formats, and extra
characters are added on the end of the addresses, so they won't even
be sent. You will get 3/4 of the mail back as UNDELIVERABLE, which
means the computer can't even send them!!!! Don't be RIPPED OFF by
these people. We have compiled a list of 2 MILLION ADDRESSES, and
believe us, there's 2 MILLION addresses, We GUARANTEE it.
  Also, we have made it as easy as possible for you. We have put them
ALL in a Pegasus Mailing List for you!!! You will also receive a copy
of Pegasus Mail, if you don't have it. Then, all you have to do is
push 3 BUTTONS and they will be sent. This is as easy as it gets! They
have all been tested and they are DELIVERABLE, which means they will
all go through. We are selling the WHOLE 2 MILLION E-Mail database for
only $49.95!!! If you're asking yourself, "Why are they only selling
them for $49.95 when they have a good list, and these OTHER COMPANIES
are selling them for $149.00 to $500.00, and their lists are poorly
put together?" The answer is simply, "We believe in producing high
quality work that should be priced reasonably."  With this E-Mail
List, We will also include a "Step by Step Guide" that will show you
everything you need to know to send your E-Mail out. It's very easy
and anybody can do it. So if you have a computer, use it to make you
money, don't let it cost you money.
   Just imagine E-mailing 2 MILLION people. That's like sending 2
letters at .32 cents PER STAMP!!! Can you imagine if you only got a 1%
response rate? That's still 20,000 ORDERS! Believe us it very easy to
get a 1% response rate we've had as much as a 15% response rate. All
you have to do is take your idea and GO!! Many people have no idea
about the power of the internet. You can make this work to your
advantage and We'll show you how.  We can almost GUARANTEE you that
you will never see another offer like this, so act now. The $49.95 is
nothing compared to the money you will make from the list. You'll make
the $49.95 back in your first mailing.


Here's Everything You Get:


**Complete Setup Instructions

**A Copy Of Pegasus Mail For Win3.X, Win95 or Mac

***As a Special Bonus if you send your order by March 1,1997 we will
give you an extra list of 1,000,000 names FREE!!!!! Thats a total of
over 3 million names for only $49.95!!!!!


Here's how to get the E-Mail list:

They will be mailed on diskettes to you by Airbourne Express 2nd Day!

Mail check or Money Order payable to:

E-mail List
PO BOX 125
Marquette, MICH 49855

*Orders outside the U.S. please add an additional $10.00 for

*Note: all checks will be held for a minimum of 5 business days, 
Money Orders are shipped within 24 hrs.

* Pegasus Mail is available for WIN 3.X, WIN 95, or MAC


Future Horizons

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