Mon Jan 27 06:14:15 EST 1997

There is a debate raging throughout the country about whether or not the United States government should regulate the Internet.  We would like your opinion on the subject.  The debate over government regulation has been fueled primarily by the alleged ease with which minors can access online pornography.  Supporters of regulation believe the government must do something to prevent children from being able to access sexually explicit material, and that the only way to do that is to prohibit such material from ever getting on the Internet in the first place.  Opponents of regulation believe that any such attempt by the federal government to censor online activity is a violation of America's right to free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  We want to know your opinion on this very volatile issue. 

Please call 1 900-476-6974.  The call will cost .99 cents.   After the calls for and against are tallied, the results of this national Internet survey will be sent to:

President Clinton and to all United states Senators for their consideration and review.  

Sponsored by the Montgomery Children's Foundation, (a non-profit organization). 

Proceeds for this survey will be donated to advance computer technology in the educational system.

 Thank you for your participation in this very important survey.

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