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:	I know this is bizzare but I am trying to find out the 
:name of the species of a posionious frog.
:	This particular frog has a side effect from eating it that is 
:that it causes prolonged erections.

It's not a frog. 

The animal you're talking about is a beetle, (genus canthracius), which 
produces the toxin canthraxin. The toxin irritates the urinry tract of 
mammals in low doses, causes more serious poisoning in higher doses, and 
causes blistering and irritation if the raw beetle is eaten or rubbed onto
the skin.

Frogs seem to be able to tolerate the toxin reasonably well, and may possibly
be hijacking the chemical defence of the insect for their own use. There
is an old report (which I suspect you have read) of some French Legionnaires
in North Africa catching and eating some frogs' legs, (the frogs having 
previously consumed some beetles).

The result was that several of the legionnaires became ill, suffering from
erections prolonged for several days, which I am told is extremely painful.

The beetle-derived toxin is sold today as a sexual stimulant under the
name of "spanish fly", but is simply a urinary tract irritant, NOT an 
aphrodisiac. I most strongly suggest that you do not consider using this
substance, as you stand a good chance of damaging yourself permanently.

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