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a new interdisciplinary journal in the arts 
and sciences

Science and technology have transformed our 
world and brought new ways of manipulating 
our environment, communicating with each 
other, and solving complex problems.  But 
with these transformations have come new 
problems and unanswered questions about the 
work of science and technology.  Investigations 
into these questions have pitted academics 
from various disciplines against one another.  
Scientists accuse cultural critics of theorizing 
irresponsibly, of misunderstanding the 
process of scientific review, of even denying 
that objective knowledge exists. Cultural 
critics accuse scientists of being blind to the 
social implications of their research and its 
use by big government and big business.  The 
recent _Social Text_ imbroglio has offered a 
vivid portrait of the duel between what C. P. 
Snow termed the “Two Cultures.”  But in the 
face of a general decline in scientific 
knowledge and an alarming erosion of public 
support for academic research of any kind, 
hasn’t the time come for mutual 

EVENT HORIZON is an interdisciplinary forum 
for researchers and writers in the sciences 
and humanities.  In each issue, we will 
consider a topic of broad interest.  The journal 
intends to create dialogue between fields that 
all too rarely interact.

EVENT HORIZON invites contributions from 
the natural and physical sciences, medicine, 
computer science, engineering, social science, 
history, literary and cultural studies, and the 
arts.  Each issue will feature a variety of 
essays, book and film reviews, and a simple 
and relevant science experiment.

EVENT HORIZON will foster shared creative 
and critical exploration.  Articles will be 
printed with responses, contributors will be 
asked to publicly correspond with colleagues 
from other disciplines, and panel discussions 
will be arranged.  Disagreement will be 
encouraged; name-calling will not.  We all 
need to learn more.

EVENT HORIZON is planning its first issue on 
one of several topics: behavior and genetics; 
genetic screening; changing patterns of 
science funding; scientific literacy; 
relativism and objectivity.  One-page 
proposals that address these topics are 
requested by 17 February 1997 and 
manuscripts by 31 March 1997.  The 
inaugural  issue of the journal is planned for 
late Spring 1997.

EVENT HORIZON needs contributors, referees 
and readers, and curiosity.  Please contact:

c/o Thomas Akbari and Don Fallon
Department of Literatures in English
Murray Hall, CAC
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ  08903

e-mail: akbari at eden.rutgers.edu
ubik at eden.rutgers.edu

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