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Dave Jensen wrote:
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> >I was wondering about what various careers are available for biology
> >majors, and what kind of planning I have to do for the future... [snip]

> >Mike
> Hi Mike
> I would be a bit more positive than the other two responses you've had to
> your query. But -- both Dr's Stillman and Berezin offer a very true
> caution, that there have been too many PhD's produced for the number of
> jobs available.
> The reason for my more positive feeling is that I see so many opportunities
> coming up with clients of ours in biotechnology that I can't help but
> believe there will be continued career tracks available for those who love
> science. You may not have to go into a PhD program. If you do, make sure it
> is with a mentor who has strong ties to industry and who appreciates the
> value of "alternative science careers."
> You may enjoy reading the Biotechnology Career Discussion Forum, an
> interactive web site with HUNDREDS of posts about this same issue, located
> at:
> or, check out the online book called "Your Career In The Sciences" at:
> Best regards and have fun,
> Dave Jensen, Managing Director, Search Masters International

Good ideas.  Also couldn't hurt to bookmark the following:
American Association for the Advancement of Science at:
N.B. Also hunt around there for "Science's Next Wave" to learn about
nontraditional career paths for scientists.

For jobs in academia (or "academe" as some prefer) try the Chronicle of
Higher Education at:
Hope this helps,

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