Just announced:government hiring for biology and biotechnology

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Tue Jul 1 12:55:09 EST 1997

Salary range: $25,379-$57,260. All jobs involve using your skills working
with patents. The skills needed include the following: LIFE SCIENCES:
biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, botany, gene therapy, horticulture,
Immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, plant genetics, human
genetics, animal genetics.As one who has worked for the federal
government for 11 years, let me help you through that convoluted
application process. I've written a 35-page booklet - it's yours for
$20.00 - that preps you on the world of patents.You'll find it handy to
get those all important keywords and buzzwords the patent office is
looking for on your resume. Do you know what the MARS system is? Hint:
It's a government "skills test" with over 100 questions. How you answer
them may contribute to whether or not you get on that all important
"certificate of eligibles". Did you know that the patent office examines
your resume from the point of view of skills and how they fit into the
structure of patents? Do you know what I mean by that? Do you know which
databases are used by the patent examiners? Wouldn't it be nice to find
out BEFORE you apply? Do you know what a form 50 and a form 52 is and how
that pertains to your application? Do you know how a supplemental
qualifications statement may be used to increase your starting salary? I
can help you through the maze. I learned the system after much effort on
my part. Why take a chance on not getting that job which is so difficult
to come by these days? To order your copy now, before the job window of
opportunity slams shut, send in your request to reserve your copy TODAY!
- Greg (See my web site at http://www.erols.com/ritchieg)

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