Controlling Spam - Comment.

C. J. Fields cfields at
Wed Jul 2 00:07:47 EST 1997

David B. Hedrick wrote:
> I am glad to read that an effort is being made to control (eliminate?)
> spam and commercial postings.
>         I also have a question I've been wondering about:  Are commercial
> postings that are relevant to the newsgroup appropriate?  For example,
> if someone advertized a microbial identification service in
> <bionet.microbiology>.  On one hand, there may be things of value
> offered.  On the other, it would make the moderation more difficult and
> would open the door somewhat to spammers and other vermes.

I think moderators would be able to tell the difference between relevant
material and porn, diet ads, and chain mail.  That is, unless THEY are
behind all of this!  Sounds like a bad "X-Files" episode...

I used to be opposed to moderation on any of these groups based on that
ol' fallback of free speech.  However, telling spammers to "shut up" or
"get out" doesn't seem to work, so I say more power to moderation.
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