MedZilla Announces Free Job Advertising for Academics

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For Immediate Release:

MedZilla Announces Free Job Advertising for Academics

World Wide Web, July 1, 1997

MedZilla announced today that advertising for academic postdoctoral
and faculty positions will be placed without charge.  Until this
change, all advertising was carried at $100 per position regardless of
the source.

Established in late 1994, MedZilla, formerly FSG Online, was the first
service on the world wide web to provide career information, resumes
and job advertising in the biotech and medical fields.

Frank Heasley, Principal, says that "candidates like to use the
MedZilla database because it gives them good exposure to potential
employers, while protecting their identity and privacy, and there's no
charge.  Now that we've opened up the jobs database for free
advertising for academics, we're looking forward to seeing signficant
growth in this area".

Currently, MedZilla hosts up to 15,000 vistors (>250,000 "hits") each
month, virtually all of whom are either looking for jobs or candidates
in biotechnology, medicine and related fields.

Frank Heasley, Ph.D.
Medzilla - Careers in Science, Biotechnology and Medicine

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