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Andrew Wagner afwagner at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Thu Jul 3 13:05:18 EST 1997

>Perhaps I can get a definite answer to the following question.  Who is
>more genetically similar: 2 brothers or father and son?  Here, I'm
>thinking of nuclear material, and not mitochondrial genome.  Thanks to
>anyone interested in answering this question! (references will be most
The answer depends on the actual situation, but , in general, the answer
would have to be two brothers.  The son shares only half of the father's
genome (the other half obviously coming from the mother).  Two brothers
have a greater chance of inheriting similar genomes from both the mother
and father.  They also could end up sharing less of the same genome than
father and son, due to crossover and which of the father's pairs is
actually passed on.

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