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Fri Jul 4 07:02:36 EST 1997

On Thu, 3 Jul 1997, Markus Fuchs wrote:

> Help needed !
> Does anybody know who to contact for funding ? After finishing my
> Diploma in Germany by the end of next year I dream of doing a PSC
> (postgrad courses) in G.B., if possible at the University of Wales. 
> Any information or help will be useful.


You should definitely contact the British Council in Germany (not in the
UK). They have a number of funding options for post-graduate study in the
UK. Most (but not all) of the research council grants in the UK are for
people who have been resident in the UK for three years.

What sort of post-graduate course are you interested in? If it is research
then the other thing to do is to contact researchers that you want to work
for directly. They may be able to sort out funding for you. 

John MacFarlane
UK Editor of Science's Next Wave

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