GOLFERS!! - Earn Money For PLAYING GOLF, Guaranteed!!

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Sun Jul 6 16:40:48 EST 1997

Hello, if  you or anyone you know has an interest in GOLF 
 the information below will be of interest to you. 
(Please see note at the bottom of this page.)

If You, Or Anyone You Know, Plays GOLF, Don't Pass Up This 
Opportunity. Any Golfer, Anywhere, Can Earn $1000.00 A Week,
                            Or More, FOR PLAYING GOLF!

For a FREE REPORT Send an E-MAIL to one of our autoresponders 
       at:  PDAssoc at or PDAssoc at 
                          with "GOLF INFO"  in the Subject Area. 

If you do not wish to receive information on GOLF products or 
opportunities in the future, DO NOT HIT REPLY. Please send your remove 
request to: pdassoc at  with "REMOVE" on the Subject line. 
(Note: If REMOVE is not in the subject line, we cannot process your request.)

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