Help about Cystic Fibrosis - URGENT.

Marcel Piana mpiana at
Mon Jul 7 08:44:40 EST 1997


We have received a fax from a mother who asks us to put this message on
the internet. If this message should be put on another newsgroup, please
inform us ASAP and excuse us for disturbing :

Message :


Urgently looking for most efficient spray type drugs (medicine) for a
three and a half year old child suffering from mucoviscidosis. (Cystic

His mom's question is the following :

Are there somewhere in the world more efficient fluidifiers than those
presently available on the European market?

Thanks in advance

Here are my coordinates

Brigitte Bouzin
Av. de la Bugrane 71/10
1020 Brussels

Tel : + 32 2 268 53 72
fax : 00 32 2 270 24 04

please send your email to fibrosis at

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