Research Inquiry: Experience and the Net!!

Heather Campbell hjc at
Wed Jul 9 10:01:48 EST 1997

I am interested in finding out why so many people are online.  This is
tied in with my master's research on culture and the internet.  So,
I'd like to hear your responses to the following questions:

Why do you use the internet?

What do you get out of your experiences involving the internet?

I realized this issue may not exactly be on track with this group's
topic focus, but in order to get a good mix of responses I needed to
cross-post.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  Please email directly
to me at:

	campbelh at

Also, if anyone out there is willing to be interviewed electronically
or fill out a questionaire as to their motivation for surfing the Net,
please let me know.


Heather Campbell
Edinburgh University-Scotland
Media Project

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