"gene within a gene" ex. in Higher Euk ?

Jim Bullard jbullard at NUN.OIT.UNC.EDU
Thu Jul 10 17:19:01 EST 1997

One example is that some genes that encode proteins with the same
function but directed to different locations (ie. mitochondria and
cytoplasmic) are in the same gene but with different start sites for
translation with the 5' end of the mRNA determining the final location.

Ref: JBC, 263(1), 1988, pp. 52-57 , there are other aminoacyl tRNA
synthetase genes that have been observed that function in the same manner.

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On 10 Jul 1997, Lab wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can anyone supply an example (with reference if possible) of a
> "gene within a gene" structure (either strand) in the genome of
> a higher eukaryote?
> No one I've spoken to can supply an example, but everyone
> (including me) is pretty sure they've seen examples.
> Thanks.
> --Jeff

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