Help! Microfuge Advice and Opinions Needed!

Ahlquist none at
Fri Jul 11 15:04:46 EST 1997

This is a re-posting of a previous request in bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts,
to which i got some very useful recommendations.  Of course I'd like more!!

My lab is looking to replace a variety of old know, those
vintage Fisher and Eppendorf units that make a brain-melting noise when

We would deeply appreciate any and all "we bought this, and
it rocks" or "this sucks, it breaks every spin and the company wants big
bucks to repair it"  Features we really need are fast spin-up/down, high G
force, high reliability and low noise.  

Companies we're looking into include (but are not limited to) :


Thanks in advance, and i'll post a summary in a little while when i get
more responses.  If you wish, you can reply by email to
makrol at rather than here.

in the land of beer, brats, and of course cheese.

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