Looking for articles on pectin methylesterases

lvirden at cas.org lvirden at cas.org
Fri Jul 11 13:37:26 EST 1997

On Tue, 06 May 1997 15:18:57 -0700, Rolf Marteijn <rolf at lx.student.wau.nl> wrote:
> Bonjour,

> > Is there a site, other than ENTREZ, which
> > lets someone look for articles one a keyword
> > search basis ?

> Unfortunately only Medline is online so far (or am I wrong?).

Actually, one could always pop over to <URL: http://www.cas.org/ >
and see about the various internet services that CAS has to

Also, see <URL: http://www.chemcenter.org/ > for a collection
of chemistry related resources, both commercial and non.


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