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Dear Friend,

No, there isn't a misprint on the subject line. There is a cookie out there which actually helps you lose weight. I have found this amazing product and
I'm willing to share this miracle with everyone.

Do you like cookies? I'm sure there are many of you out there who love cookies. But aren't you concerned about the Fat, Cholesterol and Calories that 
get digested by you body as you enjoy a delicious cookie?

How about those Fat free, Cholesterol free cookies? Sure, they don't have the fat and cholesterol which you don't want, but it still has the calories which 
can add up.

So let me introduce to you a cookie which can actually help you LOSE WEIGHT! You can use this cookie as a healthy snack or as a weight lost program.

The cookie company creates the only FAT BURNING COOKIE in the world by mixing a 5000 year old Chinese herb with a delicious tasting cookie.
This thermogenic herb helps rev up your metabolism to help you BURN FAT and CONTROL YOUR APPETITE. The Chinese have been using this
herb on it's own for thousands of years as a diet aid, and now you too can take advantage of this amazing herb in a HIGH FIBER, 100%  ALL NATURAL COOKIE. 
This cookie also TASTE GREAT! It's actually moist and flavorful.

You can have this cookie as a great tasting healthy snack, with the added all natural benefits of weight lose, or you can use it by itself as a diet program.
The cookie company guarantees, no matter how many diets have failed you before, you are guaranteed not to fail this time. The cookies are 100% guaranteed
to succeed in your WEIGHT LOST program, or your money would be gladly refund.

Why don't you find out yourself about this AMAZING product? You really have NOTHING TO LOSE BUT FAT. ACT NOW and find out how ONE COOKIE A DAY 

To receive more information about this amazing cookie, and the cookie diet, please send three ($3) dollars cash along with your name and address to:-

Cookie Dept. # 23918
PO BOX 180
Cypress, CA 90630

Sincerely yours,
your friend
The Cookieman

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