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          <><> We Offer Outstanding Trading Opportunities <><>             

                 UP $9200 IN 4 TRADING SESSIONS, FACT!!
                 UP $9200 IN 4 TRADING SESSIONS, FACT!!
                 UP $9200 IN 4 TRADING SESSIONS, FACT!!

Did you know, we were featured in Futures Magazine Special S&P 
Daytrading Issue 6/97...

Our Intermarket S&P Daytrading Managed Account is UP SUBSTANTIALLY
year to date...FACT!!

The following is a short real-world example of our trading system:

6/10/97-$600 gain  6/11/97-$300 loss  6/12/97-$125 loss  
6/13/97-$1700 loss 6/19/97-$1200 gain 6/23/97-$2300 gain
6/24/97-$3000 gain 6/30/97-$2635 gain 7/01/97-$1675 gain
7/02/97-$2375 loss 7/09/97-$1075 loss 7/10/97- flat

As you can see we offer OUTSTANDING profit possibilities for those
individuals who have risk capital and seek greater returns. We are
licensed with the NFA and CFTC. Our track record speaks for itself.
Our minimum is $15k per one contract. Please leave your name and fax
number at 212-726-8896 and we will be happy to get you all the info 

We are the undisputed leader in the Futures Industry in creating,
finding and working with the top Futures Managed Trading Systems in the 
WORLD! ALL our Intermarket trading systems are designed to offer
outstanding and consistent returns! No matter what your trading style, 
our Managed Accounts will meet your objectives... GUARANTEED!!

Call our HOTLINE FREE everyday at 4:30pm EST at 212-726-8896 and 
hear exactly what we did in the markets with all our clients money. Win, 
lose or draw, we tell it like it is EVERYDAY. Then leave your name 
and fax number and we will fax you our 5 year history AND the EXACT 
trades that have been taken since 1/27/97 in our Intermarket S&P Daytrading 
System..It's that simple. 

                         CALL 212-726-8896 NOW!!

    Leave your NAME & FAX NUMBER...You won't be disappointed, GUARANTEED! 

                 We offer  **HUGE POTENTIAL**.....FACT!!!!

                         CALL 212-726-8896 NOW!!

Futures Trading Involves Risk, Understand The Risk BEFORE You Begin Trading!

Thank You,


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