Career Opportunity

Sun Jul 20 05:10:16 EST 1997


My wife and I thought you may be interested in reviewing information about our home-based mail-order business which we are teaching others how to set up and operate for themselves.

Wanted: Special Individuals Who Desire To 
Take Charge of Their Financial Futures
Be Your Own Boss  - Work From Home
Earn Up to $700/Week P/T to Over $8,650+/Month F/T
Proven Mail-Order Marketing System
w/Complete Training/Simple Start-Up

Dear Reader:

HAVE YOU HAD YOUR FILL of working for someone else? 
Are you SERIOUSLY trying to find a way out, STARTING TODAY? 
Then you and I will be talking to one another very shortly about
changing your present situation.  This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. 
Our business is as real as my wife and I and the 8,000+ people who have 
been trained nationwide. This is your opportunity to start your
very own business, on a national to international scale, using the power
of a very successful direct mail-order system.  Working from your own home,
you will have the luxury of going at your own pace and building your 
business to the level you desire.   
If you would like to receive our free information on how you can  Work From Home, 
reply with your name and "snail mail" address to: Damon at
and it will be sent to promptly.  


Wishing you and yours the best of Health, Happiness, and Prosperity!


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