Optimization program for HPLC with ELSD detector

Van Geldre Els Els.VanGeldre at rug.ac.be
Thu Jul 24 16:10:00 EST 1997


I'm currently trying to develop a method for the quantification of 
mannitol in drugs (allergènes in French). Till now I could get good 
results due to a base-line that is very unstable. A lot of factors 
influence this base-line, moreover they are in correlation with 
eachother. Someone in the lab suggested me to try to optimize the system 
with the aid of a computer program, according to the method of Simplex or 
related mathematical systems. So I'm wondering wether someone out there 
knows where I can get the software of such a program (if it exists). You 
would really help me a lot, because my boss need the results quickly. 
Maybe  someone of you has other suggestions to optimize the system 
quickly ?

Thank you very much for your attention and kind help.
Els Van Geldre

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