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Do you know anyone traveling to London for free?
How about to Hong Kong for $125, Guatemala City for $25, or Frankfurt for $139?   We do, and so can you!
Our company specializes in placing people like yourself on seats to their most dreamed about destinations.

What's the Secret?
Every year thousands of companies in the United States need mail, computer software, and documents,
urgently delivered around the world.  Air cargo can take up to three days to clear and many times it 
sits in airport warehouses waiting to clear customs for days.  An Air Courier avoids this problem by 
taking the package along as passenger luggage in return for a greatly discounted, sometimes free, ticket
Anyone over 18 with a valid passport can do it, and the bargains are tremendous!

How do I become an air courier?
Expanding Horizons offers complete information on how to freelance as a courier. 
Our easy to use manual will explain:
-  How Air Courier Travel works
-  Your responsibilities as an Air Courier
-  The International Air Courier Directory along with Courier Brokerages across the US
   (where you will get the names, contacts, addresses, and phone numbers of the courier
   services that allow freelancers across the US)
-  Helpful hints for destinations and non-courier travel
-  Q&A section from other first time air couriers
The day after you receive your Expanding Horizons material, you could be on a flight.
Getting started is really that easy.
How do I join?
The current cost for this complete manual is $7.95.  But please hurry, our new pricing of $9.95 takes effect
for all orders received after October 22, 1997.  Please provide the following information and return with
a check or money order made payable to Expanding Horizons. 
Send to:
Expanding Horizons
4758 Ridge Road #252
Cleveland, Ohio 44144

Your Name:
City, State, Zip:
Current E-mail address for information made available during sending:
Last year 40,000+ people took advantage of the amazing discounts provided by
being a freelance air courier, what are you waiting for?

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