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Molecular Plant Pathology On-Line
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An international peer-reviewed web journal,
edited and published by the British Society for Plant Pathology

Submissions are invited from ALL areas of molecular plant pathology
-molecular plant bacteriology
-molecular plant mycology
-molecular plant nematology
-molecular plant virology
-molecular plant-microbe interactions

Choose MPPOL to publish your paper for:

Our target is seven weeks from submission to publication - compared to
several months for most paper journals.

All papers are subject to rigorous peer review.

Easily accessible from your own computer.
Powerful search and retrieval facilities enable you to find the
information you want and then download it or print it out.

All costs of producing MPPOL are borne by the BSPP as a service to plant
pathology. No subscription charges. No page charges.

Colour illustrations and moving images are encouraged at no cost.
Extensive sequence data can be published and readily extracted for
further analysis (a sequence analysis helper application will soon be
available free with MPPOL).
Sequence database references include http links to fetch the relevant
Easy-to-read format with figure thumbnails in the margin and separate
frame for references.
Covered by major abstracting services, e.g. CAB International.

MPPOL can be accessed with any web browser at:
Papers can be viewed either as title and abstract only, or as the full
Alternatively you may download the full paper including all graphics,
figures and tables as a compressed file which can then be viewed in any
web browser off-line.
All papers published in MPPOL will remain available on the world wide
web for reference.
Secure archiving of all papers on CD-ROM.

We recommend this journal to you as a first choice for publishing your
high quality molecular plant pathology papers. Access the web site today
for more details on our international board of editors, links to
existing papers and information on how to submit your manuscript.

List of Editors:
Dr John Antoniw, Dr James Brown (Senior Editor) Dr David Cooke, Dr Matt
Dickinson, Professor Adrian Gibbs, Dr Henriette Giese, Professor Zhou
GuangHe, Dr C. Hiruki, Dr Wolfgang Knogge, Dr Joe McDermott, Dr Bruce
McDonald, Dr Adrian C Newton (Senior Editor), Dr Kevin O'Donnell, Dr
Anne Osbourn, Professor Tapio Palva, Dr Tom Powers, Dr David J Robinson,
Dr Ed Rybicki, Prof George Salmond, Dr Peter Scott, Dr Nick Talbot, Dr
Ichiro Uyeda, Dr Michael Whitehead.

Publication commenced in November 1996.
Here are some of the papers accepted and published:

M J Gibbs, A Ziegler, D J Robinson, P M Waterhouse and J I Cooper, 1996.

Carrot mottle mimic virus (CMoMV): A second umbravirus associated with
carrot motley dwarf disease recognised by nucleic acid hybridisation.

G M Ballance, L Lamari, R Kowatsch and C C Bernier, 1996.
Cloning, expression and occurrence of the gene encoding the ptr necrosis
toxin from Pyrenophora tritici-repentis.

M Fuchs, S Ferreira, D Gonsalves, 1997.
Management of virus diseases by classical and engineered protection.

S Ueda, I Uyeda, 1997.
The rice dwarf phytoreovirus structural protein P7 possesses
non-specific nucleic acids binding activity in vitro.

E Sivamani, R Qu, 1997.
Expression of the Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus NIb Gene.

A Nadeem, Z Weng, M R Nelson, Z Xiong, 1997.
Cotton Leaf Crumple Virus and Cotton Leaf Curl Virus are Two Distantly
Related Geminiviruses.

K R Gayler, K M Popa, D M Maksel, D Ebert, B R Grant, 1997.
The distribution of elicitin-like gene sequences in relation to elicitin
protein secretion within the class Oomycetes.

M Karan, R M Harding, J L Dale, 1997.
Association of Banana Bunchy Top Virus DNA Components 2 to 6 with Bunchy
Top Disease.

A selection of comments from MPPOL authors and users:
"I am particularly impressed by the speed of the whole process"
"I was impressed by the speed of the process...and with the quality of
the finished
" is an attractive option for publishing certain kinds of paper"
"...the best on-line biological journal around"

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