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With E-mail your potential customer is forced to read at least the
headline of your letter.  Unlike TV, magazines, newspaper ads, and 
direct mail where more than 99.99% of the recipients will skip right
over your  advertisement. 

TURNS YOUR COMPUTER INTO A CASH REGISTER:  Conservative estimates indicate 
well over 100 MILLION people will have E-mail accounts in the next year!   
E-Mail Blaster turns your computer into a cash register by giving you  FREE, 
immediate access to all of them. Do you think some of the more than 100 
million people with E-mail addresses would be interested in your products or 
services?  Even if you don't have your own products or services you can 
still make money buy promoting our computer software!!!
You can make money with our new software called E-MAIL BLASTER

Here's how:
* By Using E-Mail To Sell Your Products & Services
* By Using E-Mail To Sell our Computer Software such as: Email Blaster, Web
  Email Lock Box etc.
* By Renting or Selling Your E-mail Addresses  
* By Becoming A Distributor for E-Mail  BLASTER  

MUCH FASTER:  With bulk E-mail you get responses back in 1 to 4 
days instead of waiting weeks or months like with television or print 
advertising. You can begin filling orders the same day you send E-mail.  

FREE ADVERTISING WORTH MILLIONS:  It costs millions of dollars to mail out 
millions of letters using the United States Postal Service!  Now you can 
send your ad to MILLIONS of people for FREE using E-Mail BLASTER

E-MAIL BLASTER IS ACTUALLY 3 PROGRAMS IN 1:  E-Mail Blaster is amazing new 
technology and the most advanced bulk E-mail software on the market today.   
(1) E-Mail BLASTER automatically extracts E-mail addresses from America 
Online, Compuserve, Prodigy, and the other online services, the Internet, 
web pages, news groups, and hundreds of other sources.   (2) E-Mail BLASTER
automatically stores the E-mail addresses in your computer along with 
keywords that describe hobbies and interests to created highly targeted 
E-mail addresses.   (3) E-Mail BLASTER sends your marketing letter or ad to 
MILLIONS of targeted E-mail addresses at the push of a single button!  

HOW DOES E-MAIL BLASTER WORK?  E-Mail Blaster has dozens of special filters 
to automatically harvest E-mail addresses from major online services such as:

America OnLine, Compuserve,Delphi, Genie, and of course the internet.  

AOL AUTO EXTRACTOR:  E-Mail Blaster has many special features like the AOL 
Auto Extractor that let's you use a regular dial-up Internet connection to 
collect names and addresses from America Online. Collect America Online
addresses without being a member.  Allows you to download names and addresses
from America Online without paying membership fees or online charges. Auto
Extractor for all of the online services and Special E-mail database search engines
will also be available at no additional charge.

SIMPLE TO USE:  E-Mail Blaster does all the work for you.  Unlike other 
programs where you must cut & paste addresses, E-Mail Blaster does it for you

automatically. And, unlike other E-mail programs, with E-Mail Blaster there 
is no need to purchase any additional software

SPEED:  Your time is important.  E-MAILBlaster is DRAMATICALLY FASTER at 
extracting and sending E-mails than all the other programs on the market 
that we tested it against.

NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED: E-Mail Blaster runs on a PC with Windows
3.xx Windows 95, Windows NT, a 386 or faster processor, 4 MB RAM, and a 
hard drive with at least 10 MB free and your own SLIP or PPP connetion.  No
other software needed.  Also runs on a Macintosh with SoftWindows installed.

This message was sent using E-Mail Blaster.

E-Mail Blaster is The World's Leading Bulk E-mail software.
With E-Mail Blaster you can advertise to over 100 million people for FREE!

Cost: We are giving away Email Blaster your only cost is $139.90 License fee.


Our company is in the software business of developing cutting edge products,
so we know if you have the opportunity to use our software FREE you will be our
future customers.  We know we need you to make our software business a true success!
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