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Aurora Huang SmplySwt at HereNThere.net
Mon Jun 2 03:21:15 EST 1997

Supernews has got their act together.  Seems that whatever they did to
their systems boosted their throughput.  Uploading is faster and
downloading is even more incredible!  They have so much stored in
their systems it's unbelievable.  I found the solution to my missing
posts.  Everything's there and there for a while.  This one's a happi
camper...  Take a look and see for yourself!


Connection through a direct network connection is also phenominal!  I
get to pull as much information as fast as my connection will allow
me.  Believe me if you got access to the school's network, it'll shock
you beyond belief.  Best of all, I do not need to pay extra for the
faster connect...

Back to me merri romping.  Take a look I guarentee you'll be amazed...


Aurora Huang

CornyTurtle at hotmail(=p).com

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