absurd and gross question

thomas merchant tm37 at acme.gatech.edu
Mon Jun 2 09:12:45 EST 1997

>A few friends and I have been discussing the possibility of swallowing 
>a string (inert fiber?..) and allowing the human digestion system to 
>pull it all the way through.
>We WOULD NOT try this. I repeat, we would NEVER try this.
On a slightly related note, a couple of years ago I saw a comic do a
related trick with dental floss. He took a length of floss and
partially swallowed/inhaled one end and then coughed that end out his
nose. Truly a funny/gross thing to observe: flossing your nose through
your mouth. I think he did a couple variations, maybe to the point of
from one nostril to the other. I guess you had to be there.

Again: Do NOT try this. I take no responsibility for any damages, real
or imagined if anybody tries this or gets ill imagining it.

Which reminds me of another science teaching urban legend:

A biology teacher is lecturing about the life history of parasitic
worms, and how at one part of the life cycle they make their way up
the trachea and then down the esophagus. You probably know the life
history better than I. Anyway, before the lecture the teacher has
hidden a length of string in his/her mouth. At the end of the lecture
the teacher starts gagging/coughing and then proceeds to pull the long
string/worm out of the mouth, grossing out the class (or at least
those students that have been paying attention to the lecture).

Just my $0.02 on this "thread". :-)

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