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Mon Jun 2 01:54:46 EST 1997

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 <><><>  Attention Internet Marketers ... Look no further.  <><><>


(Please Note: introductory offer - we encourage you to act soon.)

WorldWide Marketing Group is pleased to finally offer to the direct marketer,
the culmination of its intensive 6 month long project in compiling the single
largest e-mail address list available anywhere - over 30 million e-mail
addresses free of duplicates, one per line and alphabetically sorted - for
only US$149! This is real... there is NO catch!

This massive list of AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, Genie, Delphi, Microsoft
Network and general Internet addresses, is split into 120 easily manageable
ZIP files (.. Pkunzip or WinZip needed to unzip, both are included on the 
CD) of 250,000 addresses each and is delivered to you on CD-ROM via
regular mail. Sorry, but the sheer size of this list makes it unfeasible
to deliver via diskette or allow downloading via FTP.

The address files themselves consist of 1 address per line and are in 
standard ASCII text format - ready right away for use with any of the 
popular bulk e-mail packages such as  ExtractorPro (,
E-mail Magnet (, Stealth Mailer (,

Also, this list is CLEAN! There are NO duplicates, NO embedded spaces, NO
trailing or embedded white noise characters, NO garbage addresses with more
than one '@' character, NO embedded parentheses '(' or ')', NO addresses
beginning with non-valid characters (..addresses must begin with 0-9 or a-z),
and all are in lower-case.

The list itself is *not* categorized or targeted by any geographic 
region or demographic in any way. It is simply a HUGE general list 
sorted in alphabetical order for the best price on the internet!

Indeed, this is absolutely the *best* offer around for the direct marketer,
and will finally put the little guy on even ground with even the biggest
bulk e-mailers!

Bulk e-mail is still in its infancy and is the new wave in cost-effective
global marketing. This huge list offers a whole world of vast potential sales
for you and your products - get on board now before you find yourself left
behind. We wish you success and we'll see you at the top!

To order in a secure fashion online via credit card (VISA/MasterCard/AMEX) 
just go to:

Or to order via regular mail, please send bank draft, money order (..sorry,
no personal or business cheques please) or your credit card information to:

                        Worldwide Marketing Group
                                  Box 48029
                                  Bedford, NS
                              Canada B4A 3Z2

(Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery as we are experiencing a backlog
of orders).

Thank you very much and sorry for the intrusion...

   Worldwide Marketing Group
   worldwide at

P.S: If you have received this message more than once, we apologize.
        Our Pegasus mail program accidentally deleted our remove list. For
        removal from any future mailings, please send an e-mail with REMOVE
        in the subject field to : worldwide at

        We regret that we are unable to supply a telephone
        contact number. Due to the harassing calls  we have
        received from anti-bulk e-mailers, we must withhold our 
        phone number. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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