Dissolve Zinc Chloride in Cell Culture Medium

Suen Yick Keung yksuen at netvigator.com
Wed Jun 4 10:19:54 EST 1997

I am going to test the possible inhibitory effect of zinc ions on apoptosis
of murine macrophage cell line.  It is well known that zinc can inhibit
apoptosis in many cell types and I found there are many papers showing
reduction of apoptosis of culture cells in the presence of zinc chloride. 
At the beginning of my experiment, I faced the most fundamental but
important problem:  the solubility of zinc chloride in neutral pH culture
medium.  Obviously, the zinc chloride  cannot dissolve in the medium when
the pH is near neutral (around pH 7.2).  No paper (as far as I have
obtained) mentioned this (may be it is too simple).  And I was unable to
find the solution from any chemistry books.

Do anyone know the answer ? Please Email to me.

Thanks !!


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